Pointing at the Nature of Mind! – Keith Dowman in Brighton July 2010

Posted on July 5, 2010


Keith Dowman

Keith Dowman

In July Tiger’s Nest will host a weekend of Dzogchen Teachings by Keith Dowman.

Keith Dowman is a British Buddhist translator and teacher. His important translations from the Tibetan include “Calm and Clear“, “The Divine Madman“, “Sky Dancer“, “Masters of Mahamudra“, “The Flight of the Garuda“, “Power Places of Kathmandu – Hindu and Buddhist Holy Sites in the Sacred Valley of Nepal” and “The Sacred Life of Tibet“. His latest book is “Natural Perfection – Longchenpa’s Radical Dzogchen” .

Keith Dowman teaches Buddhist workshops and meditation retreats worldwide and has gained a reputation for his direct approach to Tibetan Buddhism free of ritual and cultural trappings and jargon. More recently he has been dedicated to leading Dzogchen retreats. His website is an excellent resource for Vajrayana Buddhists.

Pointing at the Nature of Mind!

Keith Dowman: 10-11 July 2010.

All the vast literature of Dzogchen, all its instruction in view and meditation, can be realised in the recognition of the nature of mind and its message can be essentialised in the pointing finger which in this seminar will be Longchenpa’s Chilling Out in Enchantment (Gyuma’i Ngalso). We’ll then do the atiyoga meditations Longchenpa prescribes in his text and rehearse Rigzin Garab Dorje’s Three Precepts in that light.

From the “Tiger’s Nest” website:

A great opportunity to do a weekend retreat with the pandit and translator Keith Dowman in July. You may be aware that he has a new book called Natural Perfection, which is now in stock and available to order from wisdom books. This is a translation and commentary of the great Dzochen master Longchenpa’s Treasury of Natural Perfection and the retreat will be an opportunity to share the sublime practices and wisdom of this wonderful text.

Below is the foreword by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to to “Natural Perfection – Longchenpa’s Radical Dzogchen”:

“Now that Dzogchen is spreading in the West, we need a popular translation of this extraordinary text…the benefit will be seen as direct experience of the nature of mind. Keith Dowman, the translator who has spent many years with many great masters and has absorbed the realization of Dzogchen, has overcome the difficulties of translation and produced a straight-forward English rendition. I hope that this text may bring realization of the nature of things, just as they are, to all living beings.”

The seminar will be held in Brighton. Spaces are limited, details including booking can be found on the Tiger’s Nest Website.

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