Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche visits H.H. the 17th Karmapa

Posted on January 10, 2011


Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi visits 17th Karmapa

Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi visits 17th Karmapa

On 31 December 2010 Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche, Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche and several other tulkus and khenpos from Shechen Tennyi Dargyeling Monastery in Bodhnath, Kathmandu visited the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje in Bodh Gaya following the annual Kagyu Monlam.

Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche is the seventh in the line of the Rabjam succession. He is the grandson and spiritual heir of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. His grandfather raised him and began teaching him at the age of three, and he attended almost every single teaching, empowerment, and ceremony his grandfather presided over.

Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche was born in Nepal on June 30, 1993. When Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche passed away, his close students requested Trulshik Rinpoche, his most senior and accomplished disciple, to find his incarnation. He had numerous dreams and visions that clearly indicated the identity of the incarnation as the son of Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche, the third embodiment of Chogyur Dechen Lingpa who is one of the sons of Tulku Ugyen Rinpoche.

A full report, with pictures, of the meeting between the reincarnations of the Twentieth Century’s two greatest meditation masters can be viewed at the karmapa-news website

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